Engineering Services

Design of basic & detailed engineering documents for instrumentation, electrical and control systems.

Consultation Services

Consultation services regarding construction, procurement and installation of equipment.

Supply & Production

Supply of instrumentation, power equipment & control systems. Production of LV, MV and control panels.

Installation, Programming & Commissioning

Installation of instrumentation, elec. & control systems. Programming & commissioning of control systems.

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Pars Petrochemical Port

Installation & commissioning of the DCS control system for Pars Petrochemical Port and establishment of MODBUS communication with other complexes.
Client: Terminals and Tanks Petrochemical Co.
Status: Final Handover

In addition to the installation & commissioning of DCS, ESD & F&G equipment for the eastern and western jetties & meterings, communication signals between petrochemical complexes (Mobin, Pars, Arya Sasol, Jam, Pardis, Zagros & Noori) and eastern and western parts were established using the MODBUS protocol.

Sarcheshmeh copper complex

Upgrade and modification of the control system for the southern single crane of Sarcheshmeh copper refinery.

Engineering, design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of the EPC:
1 - Supply and installation of Siemens IP64 rated PLC components. Installed in the acidic environment of the refinery.
2 - Programming and commissioning of the crane control & navigation system under special operating conditions.
3 - Design, supply and implementation of all electrical and instrumentation operations on the crane in accordance with the terms and conditions of the German KRUPP consortium with refinery being operational.
4 - Design, manufacture and installation of the operating cabs in accordance with the terms and conditions of the German KRUPP consortium, considering the refinery operating conditions in the acidic environment.
5 - Registration of errors and review and monitoring of all crane operation from the refinery control room.
6 - Communication between the crane and control room through the eastern outdoor wireless system of the complex.
Status : Final Handover
Start date : October 2011
End date : January 2013

Design, supply, construction & programming of the control system for Sracheshmeh copper complex crusher.
Status : Final Handover
Start date : October 2011
End date : January 2013

Supply and manufacturing of the control system for Molybdenum concentrate dewatering plant. CPU panel, remote IO panels, ACC panel & IPC rack were assembled tested & delivered to the client.
Status: Warranty Period

Client: National Iranian Copper Industries

Sepahan Cement

Design, supply, construction, and commissioning of the control system and MV & LV power panels for the mixing and new packing departments.
Status: Handover
Start date: August 2013

Installation of power, control & instrumentation equipment and commissioning of the 3rd phase of the 3300 tons development plan for Sepahan cement plant. Including the departments of cement mill, cement transfer, cement silos, gypsum & slag transfer, clinker transfer, clinker silo & dry slag.
Status: Final Handover
Start date: September 2008
Duration: 5 months

Consulting services and basic & detailed design of power & control equipment for the transfer of cement from the existing silos to the mixing system, cement & slag mixing system department, equipment for the transfer of slag & cement from the line 3 mill to the existing silos, transfer of cement from the new dual silos to the new packing department, a new packing dep. consisting of two packer machines and manual & automatic bag loading machines, and two palleting machines in the old & new packing deps.
Check & approval of other contractors detailed plans,supervision over construction, installation & commissioning of the above equipment & power equipment for other departments.
Status: Final Handover
Start date: January 2013
Duration: 15 months

Client: Sepahan Cement Co.